«ВыBEERрай», Molokova St., 10
«Пивная №1», Golubye Daly st., 8
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Menu pub's "ВыBEERрай" // Specialities

Sausages Sausages "Grill" (chopped beef and pork) 100 g. 100
Sausages at home Sausages at home (beef, pork) 100 g. 120
Sausages *Hunting* grill Sausages *Hunting* grill 100 g. 130
Wings of chicken *Grill* Wings of chicken "Grill" 100 g. 80
Fried Black Sea fish Fried Black Sea fish (The Barabula or the horse mackerel) 350 гр. 450
Pig ears *Large UH* Pig ears *Large UH* (The pork eye is baked in the oven in sour-tomato sauce with garlic) 100 g. 80
Pork smoked bacon Pork smoked bacon (baked in mustard sauce) 100 g. 120
Pork smoked ribs Barbecue Pork smoked ribs Barbecue (from 300 grams.) 100 g. 100
Chicken Chicken "Tabaka" 1 pc. 280
"ZHARIKI" (fried dumplings with sauce) 200\50 g. 250
Mushrooms Mushrooms "Grill" 100 g. 70